That’s right.......It’s back. Saturday December 8th.
Elm Hill Tavern - Registration at 1:30p
Cards FLY at 2p - DON'T be late!

You’ll need a team of 9 - One Captain and 8 additional players. Anyone can Captain and Anyone can field a team. If you are having problems finding a team reach out to Nicole.

As soon as your have your team please send us a PM here or let Nicole or Lisa know asap. We will post the teams as we are aware here and on the WEB PAGE.


Captains - Who do you think can take your team to the WIN? Once your team is in place Lisa will give you the full run down of the Tournament.

Get your teams together - on Game day you will need to seat 8 players. So take our advice have alternates lined up. Regardless of how many people SWEAR they will be there folks will drop out right up until cards FLY. If you do not seat 8 players regardless of how well you play, you will not win. Have alternates come to the game. That way if another team is not full they can be recruited if you don't need them and still get in the game.

Obviously there will be individuals playing and winning the tournament. To determine TEAM WINS there is a point system. Points are awarded as you go out. For example - The first player out gets 1 point and so on going up to the winner. The longer your players stay in the HIGHER your score in the end.

This is the THIRD time we have BROUGHT a BATTLE like this to the FELT. It is always - EPIC.

Let the SMACK TALK commence. Now we see who plays BINGO and who plays POKER!

Lookie - Our First Teams are READY to Take it down!

Bo Bomar
Brenda Norman
Krystal Roma
LeAnn Engle
Shannon Powe
Vakesha Hood-Schneider
Sabrina Reed
Athena Be Real

Lisa Turnbow
George Brooks
Bill Pruitt
James Simmons
Randell Harrod
Bob Quiambao
John Oliphant

Nicole Lashley
Paul Michaux
LaMario Meddling
Rico Bennett
Rebecca Watts
Wade Gipson
Marilyn Jones 
Lars Kopperud
Darius Petty


Saturday, November 4th at Club 152, THIRD FLOOR

One Team Member will play the odd Rounds and other team member will play the Even Rounds. Every Final Table Team receive 3 yellow chips to TAG OUT their opponent at any time. Otherwise, they switch at the beginning of each round. 

-All levels 15 minutes
-BOTH team members must be present to start the tournament
-IDENTICAL to our regular RRR games with one added 300/600 level. Chip incentives will be the same as they always are, but as a team you can add chips as you please. 
- Partners CANNOT communicate with each other during hands. Warnings will not be issued. Immediate disqualification from the tournament will occur. 
- Both members of the final table will get double final table points.