♥ The tournament Host has final decision on all disputes.

♠ All Players must be registered members of Elite Poker League.

♥ Minimum age to play is 21. Unless location approves 18 where applicable. Each Location reserves the right to set the minimum age requirement.

♣ Players will all start with 10,000 in chips: (10-100’s, 2- 500’s, 8-1000’s). Blinds will rise according to the blind schedule set by tournament host.

♦ All Poker tournaments are Freeze Out format No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

♠ If there are more players than seats at the tables there will be a waiting list. Those players will be allowed to join the tournament as seats become available up to the beginning of the fourth blind period. Waiting list or late players will join the tables with a reduced number of chips. If seated after the official starting time, but before the beginning of the first blind change. Any late arrival or waiting list players will start with 9000 chips. If seated during the first blind. If seated during the second blind players will receive 8000 chips. After that point there will be no new players seated for that session.

♥ Once a player has lost all the chips they started with. They are out of the tournament for that session permanently , but are eligible to play in the other sessions or Sit N' Go's.

♣ During the breaks, the floor person will Color-up, lower denomination chips for each player by exchanging them for the next higher value. Any uneven amount will be rounded up to the players benefit.

♦ To determine the first dealer position of each table. Cards will be spread face down and each player will draw one card. The player with the highest valued card will start the deal. In the event that two or more player draw the same valued card. Those Players will redraw until one card value is higher than the other.

♠ The deal will rotate clockwise.

♥ Players are required to post their blinds. When a player is absent from the table for any reason, their blind will be posted by the current dealer from the absent players stack and their hand will be dealt and folded.

♣ The small blind is posted by the player immediately to the left of the dealer. The big blind is posted by the player two seats to the left of the dealer.

♦ New players to a table must take a hand, unless the seat they are taking will be on that hand the small blind or the dealer position. In these situations the player must wait for the dealer button to pass.

♠ When dealing, there will not be any presorting of the cards. All remaining cards are to stay on top of the deck until all betting is done. Then the dealer will burn one card and turn the three flop cards. Once again no cards will be taken from the top on the deck until all betting is done. At this point the dealer will burn on card and expose the turn card. Still no cards are to be taken from the top of the deck until betting is done. The third burn card will placed on the table face down, and the river card will be exposed.

♥ When bringing new players to an existing table. The table will not draw for deal unless 4 or more players are being sat at the existing table.

♣ The dead button rule applies. This means that whatever position had the small blind the previous hand will receive the button regardless of whether or not the player in that position is still at the table.

♦ When a player is absent, the dealer will always deal the absent player in. When the action gets to this player, that player’s hand will be mucked. If a player is absent for three rounds, his chips will be taken from play.

♠ If a Player does not have enough chips to call a bet or place a blind, that player can go ALL-IN. If this occurs, the other players with chips left will continue the hand and bet into a side pot.

♥ When a Player goes ALL-IN and the bet is called by one player, both players MUST turn cards face up for the Showdown and continue the hand.

♣ Once a Player has lost all his/her chips they are required to leave the table.

♦ If two or more Players are eliminated on the same hand at final table, the player with most chips at the start of the hand will finish in the higher position.

♠ MISDEALS: If a Player is dealt a card face up the dealer will continue to deal each position their hole cards. Once the hand is dealt to all players the card that was dealt face up will be replaced with the top card on the deck and the card that was dealt face up will become the first burn card. All players must see the card that was dealt face up then the card should be placed in the muck pile. If two cards are dealt face up, it will result in a miss deal, and must be re dealt.

♥ The dealer is responsible for placing the burn cards and muck cards in the muck pile. If at anytime a player’s hand is either accidentally or purposely thrown in the muck pile the cards are dead and cannot be played in that hand.

♣ No one can turn over any of the burn or muck cards at anytime during the hand.

♦ Chips are to remain on the table at all times unless the player is being moved to another table.

♥ All bets must be equal or greater than the big blind. All raises must be at least double the initial bet.

♠ Players moving from a broken table to fill in seats at another table will assume the rights and responsibilities of the seat. A player must play when sat in the big blind. When sat in the small blind or the button, the player cannot receive a hand, and must wait to play until the button has pasted his or her position.

♥ Cards must remain above the table at all times.

♣ Any advice on a hand must come from the Host. No other players may give advice on how to play a hand. No advice on a hand can be given by anyone including the Host at the final table.

♠ The dealer must shuffle the deck at least three(3) times. The player to the right of the dealer position has the option to cut the deck after the shuffle. If he wishes to not cut the deck then the dealer will cut the deck and begin the deal.

♥ When two players are left at the table the dealer will always be small blind.

♣ Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The tournament Host reserves the right to ask any player to leave the table and tournament. The venue always reserves the right to ask anyone to leave their place of business at any time.

♦ Elite Poker reserves the right to cancel, change, or alter the event at any time.

♠ At NO time, at any Elite Poker event is currency of any kind allowed on the poker tables. This is in direct violation of state and federal laws. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the tournament.


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